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zondag 21 september 2008

The results of yesterday!

Yesterday I did a Cuttlebug-demo at the Pipoos in Groningen. It was nice to do, as alway's. I made some cards with the papers Color Core and with the embossing stencils for the Cuttlebug. I got these two lovely flower punches for 11 euro each.
Today it was a sad day again.... Björn his wound started leaking and it smelled like rotting meat. So we ended up in the hospital again and they had to remove the plaster right away. NO WALKING plaster anymore and Peter has to take him in right away tomorrow morning. No...I can not come along.....My boss has ordered me to go back to work! I wish we did not need my salary! I would QUIT MY JOB right away!!!!!
I feel so quilty.....I feel quilty because I can not do my job as good as I am used to and I feel quilty towards my son and my husband, because I have to go to school. What would happen if I stayed home??? No idea....But I really do not wish to try it out! The lady managers were not very nice......They were polite, but that's all.....Hope they will never ever have to nurse their kids or whomever.......
Please....All of you> keep your fingers crossed for our son! I hope his heel wil heal and that the process will go up from now on! I hate to see him suffer!
Hope your day was a little more relaxing..... And I would almost forget: here are some cards I made yesterday......
If you like them, please let me know!
A big hug to all of you,

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Marjolein zei

The cards are lovely Jen, and those flowerpunches...oh my gosh, gorgeous!!!!

I so keep my fingers crossed for B. hopefully things will go better for him starting tomorrow... And about your work, sweetie, I wish I could give you advice, but I really don't know what the best thing to do is. But I'm sure you will make a wise decission.

Mireille zei

love your cards and girlie... big huggle for you and your "little one" .. poor little guy!

Elly zei

Ach lieverd toch...!!! Ik zit hier helemaal met je mee te leven! Tja, begrip is soms ver te zoeken! En voel je alsjeblieft niet schuldig, je doet zoveel je kunt (en meer!!!). Maar ik kan me voorstellen dat je soms zou willen stoppen met werken. Ik heb het zelf ook gedaan, mijn situatie was dan wel heel anders dan de jouwe, maar dat schuldgevoel had ik ook. Gelukkig had ik de mogelijkheid om te kunnen stoppen, alhoewel een salaris(je) minder altijd wennen is. Zet alles eens rustig op een rijtje en doe wat je gevoel je ingeeft! Ik wens je heel veel liefs en sterkte met alles! Oh, en je geef je stoere mannetje maar een dikke knuf, het zit 'em ook niet mee hè!

Elly zei

Verd....d vergeet ik nog te zeggen hoe mooi ik je kaarten vind! Echt prachtig Jen!!!!!

a portland granny zei

Great cards, and loved the post with the Fall theme! All just beautiful! I like your embossed backgrounds. I think I got my cuddlebug about the time you got yours--they sure make things fun!!

I am so sorry about little Bjorn. Hopefully getting the cast off and air to the wound will help him heal. You have lots to be thankful for in that you have a wonderful husband who is a super Dad to his kids. Since you can't be with him at hospital, Dad is the next best thing, I know!! Keep look UP!

Love to all of you.

**SCRAP-GEK** zei

gave kaartjes Jenny! natuurlijk word er hier hard geduimd op een snelle en goeie afloop voor je zoon! jeetje, het is niet niks wat hij meemaakt en het is voor jullie ook super zwaar en als ze dan ook nog moeilijk doen op je werk, dat kun je er dan net niet bijgebruiken! heel veel sterkte ermee meis! ik denk aan je! liefs marije.