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zondag 14 september 2008

My BIRDY, where are U?

Yesterday Magarethe gave me a call!
Hi, I am in Leeuwarden! Where's the DUIF???
This to me was a wonderful change to get the newest Basic Grey papers Eva....
So....Please....Can you bring me some papers??
No problem! What I did not know was, that Margarethe did call Tineke to ask her how and what, cause she could not get back to us.
But....She did bring me the EVA-papers and I was soooo HAPPY!
My inspiration for this LO was Mireille and she thinks it's a great honour that she is my inspiration!
GIRLS, THANK YOU ALL, because I can't do it without all of you!
Since months this is a LO again.....
It's all about my little birdy Björn, who used to sing all day....
Since the 25 th of may 1995 he has never sang again....
I still wonder: Where did you go, my little BIRDY?????
Björn, you're so far away from all of us, but we LOVE YOU!!!!
This photo was made by our dear friend Allert Dik, who died too young!
I knew one day I would find the right papers to scrap this wonderful and emotional photo. Allert took this one in my mom's appartment were we lived for month's while the builders were making our house good enough to live here with Björn. At this time Björn was not able to make any contact with us.....He was soooo FAR AWAY....We had to go a long way, but we are happy that Björn is what he is today: a wonderful boy....Alway's smiling and a very good kiddo....Have a wonderful sunday and thanks for looking at my blog,

7 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Wat een ontroerend verhaal Jen! Je hebt er een schitterende lo van gemaakt!

Marjolein zei

Oh my gosh Jen, this is such a wonderful and gorgeous layout! I love it, beautiful papers! And the story.. is very emotional! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

Mireille zei

looks GORGEOUS sweetheart!

a portland granny zei

This was a wonderful post. What a lovely picture of your boy. He is a darling. You have such a sense of peace about you as you care for this special little boy who no longer fills your house with his singing, but does with his love. I can hardly wait to meet him next summer!!!

Ana Baird zei

This layout is stunning and stylish! Love it!

Birgit zei

Prachtig Jenny!!

Elly zei

Wat een prachtig stukje emotie. De pure essentie van het scrappen, geweldig Jen! Schitterend papier en je uitwerking is echt fantastisch!