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zondag 27 juli 2008


Last thursday I went on a three day's trip with my friend Tineke. We drove from Delfzijl to Woerden to visit Karen Plantinga. She became mom for the first time four weeks ago....
Then we drove to Tineke's relatives in Barneveld and stayed over for the night.
The second day we drove to Heesch: the scrapbookstore and dollhouse museum. That was gorgeous! We loved the doll houses!
Then we drove from Heesch to IJmuiden and spend the night at Hetty and Peter's, who are Tinekes relatives also. We had a lot of fun!
Saturday my mom got 76 years old and we took her to Harderwijk: the Dolfinarium and today my mother-in-law had her Birthday coming up, so we spend some time there....

In and between all the partying I did read my comments and GUESS WHAT?????


LITTLE MISSY ME....................

I feel so HONOURED!
I can not tell you how much that means to me!
I am sooooooo happy with it!
Tomorrow I will try to get it on my blog.....
It's too late and I have to catch up a lot of work.......

But I am very happy!
To all of you, were ever you are......Sleep well or have fun the rest of the day....

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a portland granny zei

I thought you must be out of town. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and saw and did lots of things.

Your Mom is my age! How nice for you that you have her close. I know she appreciates seeing you and your family.

I am waiting for some more of your creative creations to get posted!!

Looking forward to meeting you next summer when you are in Oregon. How fun that will be!!

Have a good week.