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zondag 20 juli 2008

Dutch pie!

I think racing is fun, but too bad not my thing....

So...I took it nice and easy with my arm and bakes a bread and a DUTCH PIE, called vlaai.

It is a pie, that is famous in Holland. It comes from LIMBURG (the very south of the Netherlands). I live in the upper north.....But that doesn't mean we can not bake our own vlaai, so.....

Here is the result. Ingmar tasted it and he LOVES IT!!!!

Also a detail and my Dutch tablecloth with nice flowers.....I pick them just in the neighberhood......

There are plenty and nobody wants them.....

I want them, ha, ha.....

2 opmerkingen:

anjoe zei

Dutch pie or not, it looks just like one for me. Lucky Ingmar ;-)

I've spent some time this weekend at your blog, Jenny, and for the first time it's clear to me why making-scrapbook is a great thing and your "levens-motto". Gescrapt=smile/good living
You are really good :-D

Marjolein zei

Ooooooow Jen....that pie looks so gooooooood!!!! To bad I live here, otherwise..... I would stop by and just take a piece LOL