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donderdag 31 juli 2008

More pages wedding-album.

It is very, extremely warm in the part of the Netherlands were I live.... be honest.....Scrapping is my life, but.....hard to do with this weather.....
I am melting in my scrap-room.....
Still....try to keep up with the work! Here are some more pages of the wedding-album Karina and Klaas. Used a lot of stamps and swirls.

4 opmerkingen:

a portland granny zei

Oh so beautiful! Lovely pages! Thanks for identifying the papers. I never paid any attention to papers, just bought what I thought looked good! Then I cut of that little white piece so they fit into my drawer more properly! I guess you folks that are reas masters know the papers you use! I will pay more attention from now on!

I'm glad you can look back on your romance here in Oregon as a pleasant interlude...and never let it come up to disturb your very wonderful marriage.

Love to you

Je@net zei

Oh Jen, your work looks always!! Love it!!
See you soon ;-)

Elly zei

Wat ziet dit er gaaf uit zeg!!!! Dit smaakt naar meer! Wat leuk dat je even bij me langs geweest bent, was natuurlijk gelijk nieuwsgierig naar jouw blog! Jammergenoeg kan ik er volgende week niet bij zijn, daar baal ik zó van! Had graag Marjolein eens willen ontmoeten, maar jullie in ieder geval héél veel plezier!

Lis zei

Gorgeous pages, love all the stamps and swirls.
Thanks for the kinds comments on my blog :)