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maandag 14 juli 2008

Some pics from our trip to Legoland, Denmark.

Boy, ooooo,boy,

what a fun it was in Legoland, Denmark!
We all had the time of our lives.....

Have been busy for day's.....Climbing in and out attractions, walking, and walking for miles, ate the most wonderful and biggest ice creams in the world and had more FUN!
And.....I also made time (in the late evening when the boy's were all in bed!) for some scrapping!

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namesconnie zei

Nice to hear from you Jen at my blogspot. Looks like a fun trip you and your family took to Legoland. I love the smiles on all your face. It is great to be happy. :-) Keep taking good care. Sincerely, Connie PS I think that is great work you did with seals, too. Nice the seals have people on their sides like you.