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dinsdag 15 juli 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 29> Quiet!

I am a real working girl! I work at least untill three o'clock in the morning....
Because I love the dark and the quiet moments!
In the morning we value QUIETNESS MORE and MORE, ha, ha....
My partner in "Quiet"-times is the dog, who sneaks into bed when Peter is gone....
Bye, Jen.

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

Great page Jen, I love this photo!!! Who was so "quiet" in the morning and took this picture????

a portland granny zei

I love your web site. Wonderful creative things to look at and enjoy! I was enthralled with your Legoland book. I know your boys had a wonderful time visiting there. We have yet to go, but I want to take my grandson before he outgrows the love of Legos.
(We would go in California, of course)

Loved your hair do! You mentioned students. I can't read your "all about me" so wondered if you mentioned what kind of student? Are you a teacher??

Interestingly, I like to stamp late into the night--one night this week it was 7 am before I crawled into bed!! Of course I don't have to get up for any children as you do.....but I certainly understand the urge to work late--I love doing that!

Have a good day.

Joan in Portland, Oregon

namesconnie zei

Loved looking at your blog and seeing all the things you've been up to. Cute photo and artwork with you and the puppy. I love how you described what a lovely little dog you have, too in another post. Keep taking good care. Sincerely, Connie PS I am trying my hand at "digital scrapbooking" and posted some at my blogspot space, too. I did a cute one with a troll today and that was fun, too. I am new to this, so it will take time to get the hang of it.

Je@net zei

Wat een gave pagina Jen! De foto is super joh!!
En wat een leuke foto's uit Denemarken staan er op je blog! Gaaf zeg! Boekje is ook helemaal leuk geworden. Je bent weer lekker bezig geweest!!
Hoorde van sis, dat je leuke aankopen hebt gedaan!! Ben benieuwd naar je creaties met de Cuttlebug!!