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woensdag 30 juli 2008

Paper Challenge '08: Operation 31> A PERSON.

Believe it or not, but.......This week's operation A PERSON had to be......It belongs to me, I mean...I do not understand it, but there is more between heaven and earth.....
Read my story! Some time ago I started mailing with A PORTLAND GRANNY (Joan), who happens to live in Gresham, Oregon. That's the town A PERSON also lives.....
He's bright, he's handsome, he's a photographer and an excellent artist (painter) and he was the LOVE OF MY LIFE a LONG TIME AGO! I had great times with him and he drove me around in his Suzuki Jeep all the time....Showed me the beauty of his country. We fell in love and yes....Patty (our friend) did warn my relatives.....WATCH HER: SHE WILL ALSO FALL FOR HIM AND HE"LL BREAK HER HEART!
Dear Pat....How wise you are, cause yes! After two wonderful summers A PERSON did not want to see me again. He did not speak to me in person, but I did get the message from my relatives....
He broke my heart, but sometimes I did ask my self what would have happened to this man?
So.....Joan came on my path and so I googled and found this man again. He's still a painter and an artist. His paintings are still very gorgeous.....There was also a picture of him and I looked at it for a long time......And......It's ok! I am over and done with him! I hope he is as happy as I am. Peter is everything to me and our sons are gift's......Funny that life can make turns like these!
DBH> A PERSON.........I CAN LET YOU GO..........I was in love with a dream.........
Young and careless........
Now I know better!
But I want to thank you for the wonderful times: you are in my heart and I feel friendship now!

2 opmerkingen:

mary zei

love your layout - the handwritten journaling and little hearts - reminds me of schoolgirl doodling, which seems just right on a page about a long-ago crush!

lauren zei

oh WOW!!! your page for "A PERSON" is soooooo very cool and honest and AWESOME!!! i want to look and look...and then think for a while...and then look some more!

(ps: i think we've all probably had "a person" kind of like this in our theory is...they are sent along FIRST so that when the *right* person (your peter, my jeff!) shows up we will recognize all the goodness in them & think, "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!") :)