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maandag 28 juli 2008

Operation 30: Where will you be 5 years from now?????

Where will I be 5 years from now?????
I have NO IDEA!
I hope our wonderful son Björn will still be alive and be in our daycare centre.
Hope Ingmar will be lucky too and our sweet little doggie will be around.....
Hope Peter and me will be a couple> still in love...
Hope that our friends are also happy and with us...
You know something??????
MONEY??? It is not the most important thing. O yes....I know we all do need money...Believe me! But.....What I need most is LOVE> hope you will all be there to give me this!
Enjoy every minute of this precious day!

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crafty_cupcake zei

I love whatyou do! The colors and shapes and embellishments are genius! Great work on this prompt and i can't WAIT to see some of your other prompts!

P>S>thanks for the comment! I love getting comments, its like getting mail and yours was so sweet. :)