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woensdag 9 juli 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 28> ART.

To me ART is.....YOU...out there....All over the world! Every one of us is an unique piece of ART!
Music/ ballet/ all kind os foods/ children's drawings/ animals/ flowers and plants.....
I see it all as ART! Ofcourse I adore paintings of Van Rijn, Gaugain, Cezanne.......
I love statue's.....Buildings......I think we are surrounded by ART and YES! Also the scrapbooking is real ART to me!
Here I painted my waterplant's in our pond for the last time.....
The pond has to go (because it is too dangerous when we work with children in the yard), but the painting (with aquarel-paint) will remember me of the pretty colors and the shape of the flowers......
The pretty nature that's surrounds me , sure is ART!
My children and the little dog are PIECES OF ART TOO...
My beloved friends are ART......
I think that we should be very grateful, cause ART is all around us!
Open your eyes and see for yourself!
Have a wonderful week and enjoy, hugs, Jen.

4 opmerkingen:

Marjolein zei

You are right Jen, ART is everywhere, but this...... this is really ART, I love the soft colors of this painting and really wish I was able to do that... my mom can,.... ha, ha!!
Enjoy your holiday honey, hope to see you back soon!!

scrappy jen d zei

2Hello everybody,

I am with my family in Legoland, Denmark....
We have the most room in the world! We look out on the Legoland-Parc and it is sooo lovely...
I was here 33 years ago with my daddy and we flew exclusivly from Eelde (Groniger Airport) to Billund in a very small Cessna....
Now I am here with husband and kids and boy, oh, boy,,,,,
It has changed so much.....I hardly reconize a thing....
The LEGO...HA, ha...That is still the same!
Marjo....It's sticky here, tooo!!!!

Till soon, love Jen.

Je@net zei

Ziet er super uit Jen!!
En een fijne vakantie meis, geniet er van!!

Mireille zei

The new you looks pretty darn good! Love to see your pictures :-)