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woensdag 24 december 2008

Elise's Challenge 2008: operation 50> Winter.

Boy oh boy.....Elise really tries to get the job done this year! Great! I could scrap two pages last night! Thank you, girl, because we all want to finish your PAPER CHALLENGE 2008!
It has been fun, but the year is almost over.......
This operation is: WINTER!
How is the weather here? Well, it is getting colder, so we hope to get some ice soon! I love speed skating, so please......GIVE ME WINTER! I know poor Marjo in Canada allready hates all the snow she has and my relatives and friends in Orgeon are sick and tired of all the snow and ice topping they have right now, but.......
I can not help it: THIS IS WINTER TO US! LOT'S OF SNOW! My favorite winter in Austria!
Have fun, girls,
big X-mas-hug to all!

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