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woensdag 31 december 2008

Elise"s Challenge 2008: operation 52> Resolutions.

There has been quite some comotion in our lives this year!
We had some resolutions, because we want to stay together as a family and we decided to keep Björn at home as long as he will live......
That is not what others want us to.
Our neighbours are concerned that Björn will get noisy......?????????????????????????????????
He can't even speak!!!!
Funny people......
But....we will keep our heads up and go for US AS A FAMILY!!!!
We are going to built that daycare centre for Björn! NO MATTER WHAT!
Love you all,

2 opmerkingen:

Pieky zei

Jenny [en familie natuurlijk]

Geluk, liefde en gezondheid voor 2009, een creatief jaar vol met humor


Marjolein zei

You go girl!! Great page, and I wish you lots of luck with finishing your dream!