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zondag 7 december 2008

Jenny got an award from Nora. Jenny is very happy with it. Jenny is ill and laying in bed so Peter (husband) is putting it on the blog.

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Irritantsmurfje zei


nora zei

hoi jen,Beterschap ik hoop dat je snel weer opknapt.groetjes Nora

jacqueline zei

gefeliciteerd en beterschap gewenst.
Groetjes Jacqueline

MaryFrances zei

Hi Jenny, I am so sorry you are so sick. Congratulations on the award! Feel better soon. I love you blog.
Love to you all,

**SCRAP-GEK** zei

beterschap Jenny! en gefelciteerd met je award! :-) groetjes marije.

Elly zei

Arme lieverd, ik lees net dat je hardstikke ziek bent! Sterkte hoor! En tja, lekker onder de wol en maar hopen dat het gauw weer over gaat!
Gefeliciteerd met je award, dik verdiend!!!!

Marjolein zei

Hi sweetie, congrats with your award, you deserve it!
I sure hope you and Ingmar feel better soon!!

lots of "getwelsoon" hugs!!!

stieneke zei

he Jenny.

Van harte beterschap en gefeliciteerd. gr Stieneke.

a portland granny zei

Jen, I am worried about you. I hope you are feeling a little better. It sounds like you have what is gong around over here--people are really sick and its hanging on for quite a while.

I'm checking every day to see if you are up and around. You have a nice award which you certainly deserve.

Hope Peter is holding up with the nursng duty!!

Talk to you soon.