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vrijdag 12 december 2008

Odie loves the tree.

Odie wants to sit or sleep on the chair next to the tree! So.....I did give him his blanket and there Mr. Claus is sleeping and enjoying the tree!
Peter did (as every year!) a great job with the decorations.....
The tree is HIS THING! Very traditional, just like the Dutch oliebollen. There is only one person in this family who bakes them! Peter! This time of year is sooo warm and cousy. I hope you all have the same wonderful winterfeelings as we.
Have a nice day, Jen.

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Riet zei

o wat heb je dat prachtig gedaan Jen.
echt zweervol meis.
buiten koud en binnen heerlijk gezellig.

fijn weekend.
liefs Riet.

Irritantsmurfje zei

Mooie boom!