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woensdag 31 december 2008

Euro Disney december 2008!

We did celebrate Björn his Birthday again in Euro Disney this year!
From the 27 th till the 30 st of december we had a wonderful cheerful time in Euro Disney!
As you all can see: it was worth the long drive and ofcourse it was COLD.......
But all the fun and the love for each other made the cold "peanuts'.....
So to say: a piece of cake!
We did visit Pere Noël again and yes! He did reconize us right away!
We also payed a visit to City Hall to get a special dissabled pass for Björn, so it gets a little easier to step in and out a car.....
Björn his Birthday present was a breakfast with the Disney Characters and he loved it! Mickey and friends gave him so much attention and love.......
We are a happy family!
I hope you are happy, too.
Lots of love, Jen.

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Marjolein zei

Oooooh sweetie, what a great picturs, I can see the joy on Bjorns face!! This is gonna be a great mini-album!!!! Or...a layout!