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vrijdag 12 december 2008


Last year we were very late with the Christmas-decorations, so I left the village in the box.....
Too bad, because it looks so very beautiful and it is so much fun to look at!
So....I took a very deep breath and started the re-building of the village! And it's finished!
Hope you enjoy the details....
Big hug, Jen.

3 opmerkingen:

Birgit zei

Mooi Jenny! Dat vinden de jongens vast ook geweldig! Ik heb een heel klein dorpje, van 6 huisjes, op een plankje in het toilet :)
Fijne kersttijd!

marije zei

wouwie!!!!!lijkt wel een sprookje!!!mini efteling.zou mijn dochtertje ook leuk vinden.

a portland granny zei

Your village is beautiful. Looks like a lot of work get it up and running.

Enjoyed the pictures of your tree and your other decorations. I feel like I have had a nice little visit to Holland!

Hope you continue to feel better. Don't forget you were going to tell me more about your weekly book
: )

Wait until you have time.

Have a wonderful holiday. I haven't done much due to some mouth surgery and there is sooo much to get done before Christmas!!