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donderdag 25 december 2008

We don't HATE posing!!!

We don't hate posing. We just like the natural look and not de "faked smiles" and sit like this and not like that. So we got mom a big suprise. We posed for her on X-mas day. All in secrecy at grandma's attic. Jenny "loves to see her men in suits"; This line we picked up and tried to make the best of it. Of course we have Björn with his handicap and is handicapped feet. Now he is wearing dad's shoes. Walking is a little difficult be for a short time he can manage. Ingmar liked the black suit in the store so he's wearing it like a grown man, with a little bow tie. Dad is all dressed in black. So happy x-mas to everybody and of course to JENNY.

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Marjolein zei

What a wonderful surprise Peter!!! I bet Jenny loved this very much! I think you all look very handsome, love Ingmar in his bow tie!! And gosh, is that boy tall!! He looks so that smile!!
Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!